MANIFESTO draft 10a

Artists! Politicians! Nuns! Students! Children! Europeans! Soldiers! Dogs! Aged!
Gardeners! Pizza makers! Hairdressers! Directors! Activists! Brothers! Strangers! Laymen! Citizens! Lovers! Maniacs! Forgotten! Romanticists!
Nostalgic people! Guitar players! Song writers! Friends!

We are here, we are simpley here, now or never.
We are in Hildesheim.

Down with the daily routine.
Forward with the unknown!

Ensembles, spectators, collectives!
Being together is always romantic! Working together is always utopian!
Cooperative, linked, trendsetting!
We come from all over Europe and even further!

This land is CampLand.
My land is your land.

We don't want anything imagined yet.

We want Utopias. We want to be Rome.
We want to discuss passionately.
We want frankness and publicness.
We want contrast and contact.
We want freedom and diversity.
We want a thread.

Social learning is political learning. Interculturality is normality.

We demand obstinate and consequent groups.
We demand the unfinished, tentative, fragile.
We demand the fields, the meadows, the woods.
We add: the risk, extremism, maybe.
We demand the lingering, the picnic, the snack!
Improvised cosiness, accidental sociability!

Where are the weird guys? Where is the irritation?

Give us contraversy and contradiction! Bring us warm blankets!
Plaintext: We are going to brush our teeth on stage.

We are present! We are not here, not there!
And gone again! We are not forever!

There are community spirit, a relay race and peer pressure.
There are assemleys, crowds and columns of bicycles.
There are nighttime gatherings, bonfires and spoilsports.

We want not only women.
We want rhythm, physicalness, sensuality.
We want a theatre that is sexy, something to fall in love with.
We want that it rocks and glows and inspires.

We create collective chaos theories
This international conference of emerging art is for everyone!
All people are going to be brothers!

Hildesheim, January 2006

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