transeuropa 2006 is in Hildesheim!

The festival takes place at many different stations in the city of Hildesheim: at the locations of the fringe scene (Theaterhaus Hildesheim and the Kulturfabrik Loeseke), the University of Hildesheim (the Domäne Marienburg Eishalle) and at an abandoned barrack (Ledebur-Kaserne) where this year a student project semester of the University takes place and student projects are created.

transeuropa 2006 helps building a new center behind the train station: transeuropa 2006 accommodates itself on several floors with an office, a café and events in the festival house Fels (which was the former furnishing house Fels). The festival extends from the Nordstadt to the Stadttheater Hildesheim and occupies its stages for three days: A brand new experience is given!
There will be events on the big stage and accomodations made out of cardboard where you can stay over night. This gives the festival the opportunity to offer a whole different perspective for the municipal theatre.

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