Citizens! Artists! Children! Students! Europeans! Nuns! Soldiers! Brothers! Foreigners! Laymen! Lovers! Maniacs! Forgotten! Romanticists! Nostalgic Ones!

11 international artists and art groups, newcomers and prize-winners, theatre groups, independent artists and dancers come to Hildesheim for the 5-th European Theatre and Performance Festival. Here transeuropa 2006 gathers together young artist groups from different European regions much to be talked about and to be new discovered. Furthermore, the festival offers a look at the actual tendencies of the young European theatre.

A European Festival!
transeuropa 2006 looks from the Switzerland to the countries of southeastern Europe such as Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia. Since 1994 the festival has taken place every 3 years in Hildesheim and it has developed itself in the last years with its own profile as a small but important festival of the European theatre scene. With its concentration on special partner countries transeuropa focusses on different European regions every time and presents the variety as well as the common features of the young European theatres.

The tendencies of the young theatres!
New collectives! A characteristic feature of the actual theatre and performance art is to develop new models of cooperation. The young theatre integrates ideas about the performance art, the media, the dance and the science in specific group formations with new direction concepts and interdisciplinary work processes. The at transeuropa 2006 shown productions depict in a varied way a modellike collective practice in art and society. Critical or even ironical social outlines are (re-)formulated in the discussion with history utopias, the drawing of social topographies and the interaction with the audience. transeuropa 2006 asks for a possible topicality especially with the revert to the term of the collective that strikes one as anachronistic.

Being together is always romantic! Working together is always utopian!

CampLand: International Coproductions!
By the combination of guest performances, new reflection classes and the three international coproductions CampLand, which are typical for the festival idea, transeuropa 2006 outlines its own festival model. Within the framework of CampLand three International Co Productions are developed in Hildesheim and their first night is played at transeuropa 2006. 10 artists put up their camps in Hildesheim, live, work and investigate in Hildesheim and look into social topographies with the help of different projects. The CampLand round tables bring together the guest artists and the persons who work at the Hildesheim institutions to have a drink and a meal. Aside from the presentations of the guest performances the transeuropa festival keeps on setting the production requirements for young artists with its international coproductions and supports the exchange between international theatre creators from East and West. So theatre is comprehended not only as an event but also as a process.

New Reflection Classes!
transeuropa 2006 picks out actual tendencies and structures of young European theatres as a central issue. Together with guests from the society, theatre science and culture politics transeuropa 2006 extends discourses about collective work and organisation forms, cooperation and networking, (re-)formulations of social outlines and social practice in the form of panel discussions and reflection lounges .

transeuropa 2006 is organised by the transeuropa e.V. and it takes place in cooperation with the Institute for Theatre and Media of the Hildesheim University and the Municipality Theatre Hildesheim. The festival is carried out in a close cooperation with the course of cultural studies at the Hildesheim University (Cultural Sciences, Aesthetics and Applied Arts, Scenic Arts, Creative Writing and Cultural Journalism). The unusual course profile, the combination of scientific work and art-aesthetic praxis offer an ideal precondition for the realisation of the festival. So are graduates, students and professors substantially involved in the planning and organisation of the festival.

As in the previous years transeuropa 2006 likes to animate an active and lively discourse and contact between artists, audience, organizers and experts. transeuropa 2006 celebrates the get-together!

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