Outlines 1-6

Experiencing the internet defies our concept of community. We need to figure out how to organize networks today – in art, politics, economy, habitats. A discursive sweeping blow based on interviews, presentations and experimental designs. Artists, activists and scientists from various areas of society encounter the very personal expertise of the international festival community in order to bring out combined knowledge and share it. In a temporary location at the festival center, always 1-4 pm. During the first five days a film will be shown at 4:30 pm.

Sunday 13 May - Sharing Knowledge

The organization and dissemination of knowledge is one of the most basic cultural and social activities. It ties a bond between generations by preserving valuable knowledge; yet it may never linger in the old ways. Together with performers in their prime, we will experiment with analog and digital formats: from mothers kitchen table to Telekolleg, from biographical narrative theater to Wikipedia. with participants in the mediation program “Heimspiel”

Monday 14 May - Designing Urban Spaces

Guided only by GPS data, we make our way through the jungle of Hildesheim. Our route takes us to community places and tells the story of visionary projects in urban communities all over the world. With experts in every day life of the city community

Tuesday 15 May - Commemoration of the European Union

Europe is a federation of states without citizens and a ruined image. This is why we invite you to Día de los Muertos: There will be wailers, Mexican kitsch and slandering relatives from Switzerland. Or were we acting too fast? Some guests think they can breathe lift into Europe with the help of direct democracy and culture. Sparks will fly through thick incense smoke. with Gabriella Gönczy (Soul for Europe), Stephen Pfaff (Unity Express) and others

Thursday 17 May - World Economic Change

While the markets stumble from one crisis to the next, we discuss the change of system: Could the mechanisms behind Wikipedia and Firefox be the basis for a new economic order in the material world? Regional manufacturing communities will play a crucial role and bring us a happier world without greed. In organic life projects, urban gardens and art projects, the concept of village is pushing back into conscienceness. Romantic!

Friday 18 May - The never ending story of the mashup

The virus “remix” threw artistic implicitness overboard. Far away from culture industries with their desperate attempts to secure their returns, we are in search of models for the far end of the term “genius” which can encourage sharing and still ensure survival . Theory will become practical experience in the end: We will be experimenting along with gruppehaus with methods of opening the otherwise ever so secretive and intimate frame “Probe”. With Berit Schuck (curator), Verena Lobert (Fräulein Wunder AG) and gruppehaus

Saturday 19 May – community promises

The discursive days are accompanied by a group of young journalists, already looking for contemporary communites in a blog. They will develop the questions raised during the festival further, videointerview the experts invited and transform the webpage www.we-swarm.org into a digital archive.
All formats developed in this projectf are released under a creative commons license. This modern licensing system allows other groups to adapt and develop the format for free – subject to the condition that changed formats also will be made available freely.
outlines 1-6
is a project by Marten Flegel, Anna Froelicher, Freya Herrmann, Michael Kranixfeld, Maria Rogg, Marleen Wolter and Felix Worpenberg in collaboration with Silke Pohl and performers in their prime, www.we-swarm.org and gruppehaus. Sponsored by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation and private donations via indiegogo.com.


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