Theatre and performance art challenges the idea of ​​theatre and the visual habits of many people – and opens up exciting areas for leisure, play and adventure. This is why students offer educational theatre formats and mediating formats under the roof of transeuropa2012 for people in Hildesheim. Registration and information: >> home run for 9th and 10th grade pupils A group of young people explores places and stories of Hildesheim, intertwines personal and others’ experiences and develops together with the performance collective Mobile Albania a staged tour of the city, blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction. The first meetings will take place on 8.03.2012 and on 22.03.2012 at 4 pm at the University of Hildesheim. (The room number will be communicated!) From 26.03. – 30.03.2012 an intensive week of rehearsals is starting with the rehearsals taking place every day from 10 am – 4 pm. >>freundschaftsspiel For children aged between 8 and 11 As a junior researcher on the subject of friendship children can, in an artistic holiday program from 26 to 30 March, daily from 9 am to 16 pm, along with others find out what makes friendship between people so important. Is it about the other half of a split chocolate bar, the joint favourite games, or the language we have in common? At Marienburg Castle the friendship researchers Lena, Malta, Christina and Marie-Hélène are with the young researchers and help you to find answers by different experiments in the laboratory, at your favourite playgrounds and in nature, by the use of theatre, recordings, films, crafting supplies and interviews. Please apply for this no later than 20.03. via e-mail or phone 0157 – 772 060 18 >> heimspiel People over 50 will work out their meaning of home, knowledge and community with discussions, songs theatre exercises and walks. They show their Hildesheim to the guest artists of transeuropa2012 enrich the festival with biographical storytelling, and explore boundaries: What does theatre do nowadays? Why please? And is it allowed to do that? A first introductory meeting for interested parties will be held on Thursday, 01.03.2012, 4 – 7 pm (this also is the regular date), at the University Marienburger Höhe, Hildesheim. The room number will be announced. An entry is possible until 08.03.2012. More information is available at 0173 – 570 95 34 >> zeit.raum For the residents of the Ameos Clinic >>Fully booked<< Space. Time. It is time for the theatre which opens up spaces. Together with the residents of the Ameos Clinic we want to experience the space around us, using theatre-didactical methods and use this as basis for improvisation. We will be approaching already familiar environments, but also unfamiliar ones such as the theatre and performance festival transeuropa2012 to take a new impetus into familiar space from there. >> Wir stimmen an. Folk songs reloaded. Singing workshop by Imke On 16 May at 8 pm at the Festival Centre.

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