Dinner is ready at transeuropa2012! One of the oldest and, at the same time, most contemporary rituals that are considered socially promoting include the dietary practices of gift and hospitality. Therefore transeuropa2012 hosts a banquet within the conference >> festival research and theater political discourse on 16th May – and cordially invites the curators Franziska Werner and Mark Thomann (Sophiensæle, Berlin del Mar Festival), Dorothee Halbrock and Laura Raber (Art Camp MS Dockville Hamburg), Hélder Sousa (program coordinator performing arts Cultural Capital Guimarães 2012, Portugal), Alexander Roberts (head of Public Space programs artFart festival in Reykjavik, Iceland), Ásgerður Gunnarsdóttir (co-founder artFart festival in Reykjavik, Iceland), Gabriele Labanauskaite (conduct line Tarp Festival Vilnius, Lithuania) to the banquet. In addition to numerous culinary courses, specific festival questions are on the menu: How do communities stage festivals? Where are social spaces created by festival archictecture? How do festivals relate to local contexts? Is there a community of free international scenes? Transeuropa2012 turns into subject of investigation.Curators dwelling in communication on festival formats and sharing the enthusiasm for the exchange of festival formats and approaches of staging in communities are hereby invited to come to participate in the discussion and report from their own practice.
Additional applications and contact: hannah.pfurtscheller@transeuropa
registration deadline: 15 April

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