Dreit, Flegel, Froelicher

Steppengesänge. Die Rückkehr des Häuptlings

A village in Germany. A dry wind is blowing through the streets. Amidst the scenery, abandoned houses stand deserted and huge bucket excavators on the horizon pierce the darkness. This place, once home to over 1000 people – forlorn and now at the edge of the desert years of opencast mining left, for the excavators are ever approaching. Packs of wolves roam the villages and woods surrounding the brown coal mining regions. Winnetou approaches from afar, riding towards the excavators. “Steppengesänge” was created purpose of the Schredder-Festival 2012 at Theaterhaus Hildesheim and was awarded for “best production”.

>>15.5. 4:30 pm. Theaterhaus Foyer.
In German. ~ 50 minutes

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