James & Priscilla

The Love Below

James & Priscilla, a drama group founded by cultural studies students in Hildesheim in 2009, use pop music of the past ten years and text fragments excerpted from the film “Boogie Nights” to narrate us through tales of longing for belonging (They’re calling at me: Come and find your kind – The Arcade Fire), success (You know you’re gold – Beach House) and love (I’m a highschool lover and you‘re my favourite flavour – Air). Their tales find their background in films and pop music and the narratives of both mediums are being arranged for the theatre.
Portraiture of the current tendencies of society as well as the creation of a contemporary form of pathos is the goal of this project.
James & Priscilla are: Jasper Tibbe and Aishe Spalthoff (Stage direction and production), Clara Minckwitz, Henning Schlüter, Felix Scheer and Lotte Schwarz (performance and music).

>>19.5. 4:30 pm. Theaterhaus Foyer.
In German. ~ 75 minutes

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