katze und krieg

wenn die Sonne untergeht

At the end of the day, late into dawn, we leave into the evening using different doors, we could go home, we could consult the couch, watch TV or do laundry. However, we might as well NOT go home. We might as well watch the sun set and stroll into the night. We could be daring: dance a waltz with the guys from the bookie’s, drink coca-cola in a brothel while the punter performs a striptease dance for the prostitute or hide ourselves under the table at a convention of Turkish intellectuals… These things and much more can be accomplished with katze und krieg who will invite 13 people to their expeditions through Hildesheim on four evenings during the festival. katze and krieg are: Katharina Sandner and Julia Dick; performance artists, Cologne, Germany, performing since 2007. >>15./17./18./19.5. 9pm. Spawn point tba. In German. ~120 minutes. Box office only! Reservation required!

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