living room

This has been our work: organizing, making rules, talking about ourselves and our projects, talking about our ideas about the world and about this project, thinking and sharing. Our work has been and still is about trying to live together the best way we can, and about all that living together implies. This is what united us from the beginning, the constant search for consensus. A European house-sharing community in Hildesheim. Four nations, four cultures, four artists – one residence, set up solely for transeuropa2012, in which the four inhabitants work, live and rehearse in Hildesheim for five weeks. With: Miguel Bonneville (, Lissabon Gunnur Martinsdóttir Schlüter (, Reykjavik Frauke Frech (, Berlin Edvinas Grin, Vilnius Documented by: Vaida Bražiūnaitė, Utena PROLOGUE. >> 13th of May, 8-12pm.Individual duration, outdoor

This is the opening of Living Room. It establishes the setting and gives background details of the earlier process that ties into the following performances.

WORK. >>14th of May, 2pm This performance is about How to reach a consensus? It is about inclusion, participation, co-operation, equality, solution. BREAK. >>16th of May, 4-8pm.Individual duration

For those who desire individual attention performances happen one at a time or in small groups.

DINNER. >>18th of May, 9pm

Living Room is attuned to the personality, values, work and lifestyle of the individual guest. Becoming a guest is by invitation only.

Please take some time to answer these three questions. The answers should be sent to the following email by midnight on Tuesday 15th of May. 1. What do you want to share? 2. What are you actually sharing and what not? 3. What are the things you simply can’t stop thinking about? EPILOGUE.>> 19th of May, 2pm/ 3pm/ 4pm/ 5pm/ 6pm WG-Haus Alfelder Str. 92. Premiere.

An individual journey through the empty house imprinted with the traces of Living Room’s everyday life.

People will have to reserve always, and pick the ticket up at the festival center or office as soon as they want to. Then there will be one or two persons taking care of letting only people with tickets inside.

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