The ark of Há.Que.Dizê.Lo moves in the middle of the festival week, in the middle of the night, in the middle of a land of milk and honey, staging a party, overturning the law of time, turning everyone into a part of the whole. The performers of Há.Que.Dizê.Lo introduce us to their analyses of German authors like Heiner Müller and Walter Benjamin, guarding the festival progress as beloved angels and utopias turned human, turning us, the participants of their celebration, into egotopians. Starting in 2006, Há.Que.Dizê.Lo from Portugal comprises people from entertainment agencies, church executives, film production companies and other areas. The group performed on many occassions: ‚340. Superman and two wannabe Kryptonites‘ (Teatro Maria Matos), the theatre Garaje Lumiére in Madrid and they were invited to the FORMAS-Festival.
The superlative party-performance abounding in auspiciousness will take place at
>>16.5., 10 pm, at the festival centre

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