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27.05. - 01.06.2015, Hildesheim


A congress with training instructions for disobedient imagination.

We – who might that be? Do we even want to work in future? With whom do we want to fight for this future? Who is the working class of immaterial labour? How do we want to organize ourselves? Who's work remains invisible? Which times are to come when spare time and working time finally merge into one? Has there been a future in the past that we have now forgotten? And what about technology: Didn't they promise that it would free us from the need to work?

For two days and one night you are on the search for answers, formulate new questions and share your ideas with all the participants of transeuropa 2015.

We suppose that the question »(How) do we want to work in future ?« concerns every participant, guest and co-worker of the festival. The auditorium on the second floor of the Festival Centre becomes the epicenter of our mind-crossing thoughts, the place, where conversations are being initiated, where topics are raised, that will most likely need more than two days to be discussed. In lectures, screenings, at discussions and on a stroll through the house, you meet artists, theorists and activists to share diagnoses and to speculate about what is going to come.

transeuropa asks the question of the future of what we are used to call »work«. Here, one could ask: #WE – who might that be? Which forms of #(SELF-)ORGANISATION and #COLLECTIVITY do we find today, how are they organized and against whom or what are they fighting? What is your #LABOUR STRUGGLE?

On the first day of the congress, we raise those topics together with Friederike Habermann, Artist's Pledge, cobratheater.cobra, Kontekst Collective, Fictional Collective and Zero Wage Initiative. Following the instructions of the future archive method you then stroll through the hallways and construe without further ado the present as the past to take another look at it.

Later in the evening, after the screening of »Cultural Worker 3 in 1« by Marta Popivoda you dive back into the festival crowd. Suddenly your mobile pipes up – the NIGHTSHIFT starts :

The #INVISIBLE service of the »moon facilitator« leads you into an interactive open-map-game, in which you are spreading all over the nightly city. This #TECHNOLOGY operating in the background is sending SMS-quest-codes that lead your #SELF on ways and astray – past promising places of relaxation, so-called »satellite bases«, such as the famous »Brückenstübchen«, a soup-kitchen or the karaoke bar at the Festival Centre. From time to time you cross »moon bases«, where Jakob Hüffell, Josefine Soppa for Wölfe&Kabel, gez. Euer Ernst, contemporary intimacy movement, Felix Röben and Hobby Horse Ltd. make their appearances. But the shift will not be over until you find your way back to the yard of the Festival Centre, join the others and listen together to Tetron’s DJ set while the sun is slowly rising.

The second day of the congress takes you and your tiredness in its arms carefully. In her workshop, Konstanze Schmitt asks for the societal dimensions of #CARE-work – how could art thematize #INVISIBLE labour and contribute to its visibility? With Karolina Dreit you question your own everyday life and discuss the creation of new realities of labour. The MASKA Research Group makes you discover their »Speculative Glossary« - an alternative vocabulary for our contemporary experience of #TIME (zenaccelerationism, pregnant boredom, batteriality, …). After revisiting the geographic context of our festival and its central question within the screening of the raw version of „Remembering Europe“ by Manuela Zechner, we listen to the last input of Blind Date Collaboration, who share their newly gained expertise about what #NON-WORK could mean to us. Then, our shared #TIME is over. For now.

We invite you to talks, workshops, lectures and screenings by and with:

the audience, Blind Date Collaboration (artists collective), cobratheater.cobra (artists network), Fictional Collective (design collective), Friederike Habermann (economist & activist), Julek Kreutzer (choreographer, initiator of Artist's Pledge), Karolina Dreit (humanist & activist), Konstanze Schmitt (artist), Kontekst Collective Kontektst Collective, MASKA Research Group (art & research collective), Remembering Europe (preview-screening of the film by Manuela Zechner)the future archive method and others

The Timetable of the Congress.

The NIGHTSHIFT from Friday to Saturday connects the days of the CONGRESS.


A production of transeuropa 2015.

Conception and realisation would not have been possible without the work of:

Yasemin Akkoyun, Ricardo Gehn, Aylin Michel, Maria Mielke, Veronika Knaus, Hannes Siebert, Eduard Schreiber, Laurin Thiesmeyer, Cäcilia Wosnitzka.

Congress (In English and German language):

Fri. 29.05. 10:00 - 18:00 h / Festival Centre / free entry

Sat. 30.05. 11:00 - 18:00 h / Festival Centre / free entry