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27.05. - 01.06.2015, Hildesheim

KAROLINA DREIT: Working on reality.
Militant Research between political practice and imagination.

In the workshop we will go on a shared research, searching for the possibilites of a practice that brings about change, new forms of articulation and modes of knowledge production – based on the here&now of post-fordist working structures.

Continuing marxist workers’ enquiries, your own everyday (working) life becomes the starting point for political and practical reflections, negotiations and reconfigurations – taking up the uneasiness with the status quo, equipped with the belief that there is more than that. The »Militant Researches« and the feminist group »Precarias a la Deriva« serve as method and inspiration.

The first part of the workshop consists of a practical approach to the »Militant Researches« and is referring to your own conditions of work and life by means of a self-enquiry.

The second part focuses on the practice of »Militant Researches« – as a way of producing knowledge and taking political action at once. On the basis of film footage of »Precarias a la Deriva« and other examples, we discuss the method of »Militant Researches«, reflect it critically and question its potential to produce new realities. Karolina Dreit is humanist* and activist*. She is active in self-organized and queer-feminists contexts. At the moment she is very interested in the connection between precarisation, (self-)organization, imagination and Marx’s concept of practice.

This event is part of the CONGRESS.

Workshop and Research (In German §):

Sat. 14:00 - 17:00 h / Festival Centre (Auditorium) / free entry

§: If needed, a whispered translation can be organized.