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27.05. - 01.06.2015, Hildesheim

KONSTANZE SCHMITT: From labour to action. Art and social movements

Konstanze Schmitt (Berlin) is an artist and theater director. Her work is based on documentary and biographical material and interacts with political contexts. In her performances and installations, she investigates possible realizations of utopias. The workshop »From labour to action. Art and social movements« discusses the following questions: What do labour struggles look like today? What can art contribute to them? How can art make something visible, what can art set free? Using her own collaboration with a group of organized domestic workers as an example, Konstanze Schmitt discusses the opportunities and limitations of artistic work in cooperation with social movements or individuals. Interests, methods, promises, risks – the workshop considers itself as a space for exchange of thoughts and questions.

This event is part of the CONGRESS.

Workshop (In German):

Sat. 11:00 - 14:00 h / Festival Centre (Seminar room) / free entry

Please sign up for the workshops via mail (adele.dittrich(at) or at the auditorium on friday.