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27.05. - 01.06.2015, Hildesheim

#WE – who might that be?

The question »(How) do we want to work in future?« consistently evokes the same, seemingly clear answer: together. But what does that mean after all - together? We have invited different groups, multitudes and alliances from Europe to negotiate the promise of the plural - in collaboration, labour struggle and networks. So again: (How) do #WE want to work together in future?

A discussion with:


cobratheater.cobra is a selfgoverning network of artists from different fields throughout the performing and visual arts - in constantly varying contexts and relations - in search for a different process of theatre making, community, aesthetics and interdisciplinarity. cobra is many different projects, in which people are working independently, but share their openness for mutual critique and the common work on the shared structure. The network is growing by means of infection: every participation in a project of cobra enables to initiate projects within the brackets cobra[...].cobra autonomously. For cobratheater.cobra it is all about plurality, quarrel, dispute and the step towards the unknown und non-understandable. The cobra never comes to an end, she is always on the move.


Fictional Collective consists of an international body of creative practitioners. A roving cultural system in which individuals are confronted with continuous negotiation and exchange, a didactic environment without the imposition of an institution.

Founded in Eindhoven in 2014, FC works as a strategic agency to engage and confront design implications in specific geographical contexts. It is inevitably creating an »institution« without the traditional boundaries of the word, creating a space without place, which is based on the identity of people who take part. Through discursive creative media and formats, FC generates new perspectives, critical dialogues and tangible outcomes (exhibition, workshops, seminars, interventions).


Zero Wage Initiative is a self-organised Czech movement of artists, curators and theoreticians active in the field of visual art. It strives for a more transparent relationship between publically funded gallery institutions and those who participate in creating the cultural programme of such institutions. Zero Wage Initiative points out the absence of a fee or honorarium for cultural producers and the consequences of this tendency on individual lives as well as the broader social context of art production. Its goal is to create a situation in which a honorarium for a cultural producer invited to take part in a cultural programme of a gallery institution is taken for granted – especially in times of austerity measures and limited budgets: "It is precisely in the times of crisis that it becomes clear that gallery institutions should reconsider their priorities and stop exploiting the enthusiasm of artists, curators, and the structures they have created."


Kontekst collective is an autonomous organization whose work represents the process of interconnecting critical theory and practice, the field of arts, culture and media with a wider social action.

In our practice, we are interested in research that we conduct together with artists and other actors, conceptualize exhibitions, conceptualize works of art and realize them in collaborative processes. As we find the divisions between professions extremely problematic as they are maintaining division of labor as we know it, we are trying to blur these borders, to hybridize the space through engaging in different kind of activities. Furthermore, for us, it is important that our political position is clear enough to be understandable to broader audience and not only to those »proper educated« and thus capable of reading it. Through our critical approach to the social reality, direct intervention and persistence to initiate discussion on topics that are rarely discussed we are trying to destabilize most retrograde and conservative social - economic and political - processes.

This event is part of the CONGRESS.

Discussion (In English §):

Fr. 13:30 - 16:45 h / Festival Centre (Auditorium) / free entry

§: If needed, a whispered translation can be organized.