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27.05. - 01.06.2015, Hildesheim


We are following the moon facilitator through the town at night time.

In the light of the moonshine we are following paths and detours. We explore places, existences and ways of living, conditioned and shaped by invisible labour. We experience the city of Hildesheim with an open map, we are in search of environments as acting agents, of artistic positions and of traces of labour. We find them at the prearranged “moon bases”. However the trip continues: Send a text-message to the “moon facilitator” and a new path turns up – while the night spins away easily. But the shift is only finished once the “moon facilitator” releases us at dawn...


The Contemporary Intimacy Movement deals with the different ways of contemporary intimacy and their embedment in predominant economic systems. Starting from known practices of care and attention (mindful awareness exercises), Laurin Thiesmeyer and Johann D. Thomas together with Jonny Bix Bongers create an interactive meditation performance, which invenstigates possibilities of community, closeness and work by approaching the isolated individual on an intense auditory level.


What do we do, when we create? Why do we do it? Should we call it performative philosophy? We create spaces that are walk- and thinkable, where thoughts belong to the furnishing. We are five. We follow the look of the other and look different. Once we had a rabbit named Joseph. We deal with speech acts. We move in modules. We are looking forward to you. Pop the corks.

Yours Sinceriously, Helena Fiona Rahel Eckert, Fanny Lou Langner, Johann Fridolin Mittmann, Volker Sondermann und Marleen Kristina Wolter


Film-Preview, 20 min (Hindi with English subtitles)

Shooting location: Kusunda Area, Jharkhand, India

Felix Röben studied Film & Video Communication for one semester at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, where he met Ajay Koli. Together they started to work on a cinematic essay on physical work and its cyclical movements. Work is not always visible, sometimes difficult to explain and in many cases, impossible to portray. Hard manual labour is visible, explainable and portrayable. Area6 portrays people who work under pre-industrial conditions in the coalfields near Dhanbad, India. The film shows heaviest physical labour that becomes increasingly invisible in our technologized 21st century.


(Duration 1-20 min)

In his studies Jakob Hüffell focuses on the varieties of experimental electronic music, which he implements in practical works of sounddesign, soundtracks, live producing and digital sound synthesis. Most recently he worked on sonifications of social working structures. Controlling themselves autonomously from the composers intention, these sonifications search for unpredictable sounds. The installation _OSCYBERNETICS_ is such a cybernetic system. With the help of the graphic programming language _Pure Data_, individual preferences of work, factors of (de-)motivation and definitions of dynamic or monotonous teamwork are coded into digital tone generators. They are parameters and variables that control the continuously changing genesis of the music.

JOSEFINE SOPPA FOR WÖLFE&KABEL: UNO-ACTU - The agency for performative services

UNO-ACTU- the agency for performative services provides full-service in the field of performing arts specifically designed in line with the special needs of each customer. UNO-ACTU analyzes the situation, developes a concept, finds and trains the best performers for each assignment and guarantees a smooth processing.

UNO-ACTU was founded exclusively for the NIGHTSHIFT at transeuropa. It is the only booking the agency has ever received and will ever accept. The performance combines all our side jobs we should never have felt embarrassed about. Art turns into promotion-service, because we are doing promotion-service in order to fund ourselves as artists. Because we cannot separate our working for daily income from the process of the art we are doing. Because we are even closer to so-called society/so-called capitalism while doing our jobs than we are doing our art for which we are doing the jobs. On that account we dissolve some MEANS-ENDS-proportions and maybe will never have to work again.

Josefine Soppa grew up in New York and Oberhausen and worked in the following side jobs: homework supervision/trade fair hostess/babysitting/telecommunication center/mascot-attendance/cleaning service/trade fair service/cutting apples for a manager man.

Need money? UNO-ACTU uniquely gives 100€ to people who still have to finance themeselves. No report on expenditure of funds required! Cash at sunrise! Go find our mascots and give it a try!

Performers: Ole Schwabe, Marei Dierßen, Marlene Helling, Hoa Nguyen, Katrin Heß, Burcak Konukman, Florencia Lasch Macaya


Friday 22:00 – Saturday 04:15 h (uncertain place)

The »moon facilitator« is your programmed escort for the night. A software agent that guides you from an uncertain place via SMS to different spots in Hildesheim. Through your registration at the ticket-office the software agent captures your phone. Then you will receive a code and your NIGHTSHIFT starts. The service of the »moon facilitator« - a non-human entity - will guide you through the nocturnal city. The moon and the map are facilitating your way to »moon bases«, »satellite bases« and hidden or invisible places. There you will find codes, which you can send to the moon facilitator via SMS. By doing so you will get information how to proceed: by taking the indicated ways and detours, you will encounter artists, people from Hildesheim and other participants of the NIGHTSHIFT in a formalized way. The »moon facilitator« offers you a particular way of experiencing the night. As participants of the NIGHTSHIFT we will leave ourselfs to the programming and coding of the »moon facilitator« - a beta test at the border of error, overload and gap.

TETRON: Sunrise-Set

Saturday, 04:15-05.05 Festival Centre (Yard)

Tetron is the alias for Charley Vecten's electronic project. He started few years ago to compose music on his computer as a hobby. When he arrived in Berlin to work on a synth pop project of his friend Rémi called Slow Steve (Morr Music), he decided to bring Tetron to another level in composing fresh music and playing it live. Tetron’s set is undoubtedly driven by the same taste for electronic and deviant music. Minimal and dark but sometimes shiny, especially if it is early in the morning. Celebration tapes (4T(rec)k, Traaps...) released a tape of his homework and splits of his work with Samhain and Entity are now avaiable.

This project is part of the Hildesheim City Jubilee.

The NIGHTSHIFT from Friday to Saturday conntects the two days of CONGRESS.


NIGHT SHIFT - moon facilitator.

NIGHT SHIFT - moon facilitator II.

NIGHTSHIFT (mainly in English):

Fri. 29.05. 22:00 - 05:05 h / Start at the Festival Centre

In addition to the ticket, a registration at the festival centre is necessary!

The registration is possible between the opening of the festival on Wednesday, 05/27 and Friday, 05/29 6 pm.