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27.05. - 01.06.2015, Hildesheim


Festival Centre (ehem. Bahnhofsschule):

Kaiserstraße 43-45

31134 Hildesheim

Kulturfabrik Löseke:

Langer Garten 1

31137 Hildesheim


Langer Garten 23c

31137 Hildesheim

Bartleby's Anwält*innen (ehem. Waffen Stein):

Wollenweberstraße 53

31134 Hildesheim

Burgtheater (Domäne Marienburg):

Domänenstraße 52

31141 Hildesheim


Hannoversche Straße 58

31061 Alfeld (Leine)


Festival Centre:

By foot:

The Festival Centre is located just ten minutes from the Hildesheim central station. Standing on the central station forecourt you follow „Bahnhofsallee“ for eight minutes until you have reached „Kaiserstraße“. Turn left and keep on walking until you have reached the brick building with the street number 43.

By car:

If you are approaching Hildesheim on the „A7“, you will reach the Festival Centre by following the exit ramp 62. Follow „Berliner Straße/B1“ heading to „Hildesheim/Elze/Sarstedt“. Arriving at the first roundabout you have to take the first exit ramp to stay on „Berliner Straße/B1“. Follow „B1“ until you have reached the brick house with the street number 43.

Burgtheater (Domäne Marienburg):

By Bus:

Take the city bus 3 („Stadtbus“) leaving from the central station, heading in the direction of „Marienburger Höhe/Itzum“. Get off the bus at the stop „Itzum/Scharfe Ecke“ (journey time approximately 20 minutes). From the bus station turn left and cross the bridge. Carry on walking until you see a tree-studded ally to the left. Turn and walk up the parkway to the Domäne Marienburg.

By car:

Follow the street in the direction of „Bahnhofsallee“ and then turn left. Follow the street to the next intersection. Turn right to “Kennedydamm”. Turn left on „Hindenburgplatz“ and follow on to „Goslarsche Straße“. Take the driveway in the direction of „HI-Marienburg/HI-Itzum/HI-Ochtersum“. Drive straight ahead on to „Am Kreuzfeld“ and then follow „Marienburger Straße“ leaving town-limits. Once you spot the restaurant „Zur Scharfen Ecke“ cross the bridge on the right. You will quickly see an ally-way on your left, turn and follow the ally to the Domäne Marienburg.