28. Juni bis 4. Juli 2006
5. Europäisches Theater- und Performacefestival in Hildesheim

22.03.13 17:34 Uhr

What a feeling!

dance and choreography: Nina Mesko; idea: Nina Mesko; Tanja Lacetic & Dejan Habicht, Alen OSbolt, Siga Karic, Tobias Purith, Saso Vrabic; dramaturgy: Simona Semenic; choreographic assistance: Petra Sist; light design: Danilo Pecar; audio and video: Boctjan Repansek; stage design: Martin Bricelj; : Zavod Masa;

Together with artists of the visual arts the dancer and choreographer, Nina Mesko from Ljubljana, worked on the project "What a feeling!". A five series dance performance that plays with elements of (American) film and pop culture was created. From a humorous to a cynical way Nina Mesko replies to the models of the western culture that she wants and has to belong to in order to be an international artist. A unique combination of dance and visual concepts is given to the world. Nina Mesko offers a completely new feeling to her audience: What a feeling!

"Visual and film art expert a powerful influence over my work. In an
attempt to widen the possibilities of expressing form and content
trough the body in motion, the body on stage, I have decided to invite
visual artists, whose work I find interesting, to create a short solo
for me. I asked them to stick to their subject matter but to try and
express them through a new form. I then combined solos into an
all-evening performance, much like a music concert. So that all of it does not
have an illusionary appeal, but presents an umbrella structure
connecting works by different authors."
Nina Mesko

1 CALENDAR - Tanja Lasetic & Dejan Habicht
2 DANCE SPACE # 6 - Alen Osbolt
3 WHAT A FEELING - Ziga Karic
4 INSTRUCTIONS - Tobias Purith
5 AMERICA - Saso Vrabic

Nina Mesko lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She has been working as a dancer and choreographer for ten years. All of her projects (Watching Alice, 13 Hours in April, Little school of flying, Deep Show, What a Feeling, The state of things) show her interest in conceptual dance and conceptual art. Nina Mesko was Artist-in-Residence at the Tanzquartier in Vienna in spring 2006.