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transeuropa fluid

European Festival for Performing Arts May 24th–27th 2018

transeuropa fluid – european festival for performing arts 2018 is calling for 20 international artists to take part in a residency program from the 1st of April to the 27th of May 2018.

As part of the ninth edition of the transeuropa festival in Hildesheim, (24th of May to 27th of May) 20 artists will take part in a residency. We are looking for young artists of all disciplines and people working in the cultural sector who work and live primarily in Europe, on the verge of becoming professionals in their field and who are interested in transdisciplinary and collaborative working processes. Communication during the residency will be in English. Application is possible in groups or as an individual. Besides looking for representatives of the disciplines usually associated with the performing arts – such as dance, theatre and performance – this call explicitly aims to reach people coming from any other artistic field. The aim of the residency is to create one collective performance or installation through constant exchange that will run for four days and take place in a vacant building in Hildesheim. This will be the product of a collaborative process starting with an examination of the term »fluidity«.
We hereby understand »performance« or »installation« as the space created by the artists in residence as well as all of the artistic work in this space that is possible to be received by an audience. In addition to parties, concerts or lectures organized by us as the team of the festival the work of the residency will be the heart of the festival and the only explicitly artistic program that will be presented during transeuropa fluid.

»Fluidity« is the initial interest of transeuropa fluid and the impulse for further discussion and examination. Right now we find ourselves in a process of research, approaching the term »fluidity« by studying the current interests in the liquidation of borders and categories (i.e. gender, identity, nationality). From this perspective we are developing and examining utopistic as well as critical implications of this term.

The residency program is thought to be a space where this form of research and examination can be continued and expanded, completed or overturned from an artistic point of view. This type of research can have both a structural and a formal approach. The focus, however, should always be the production of a physically perceivable experience of the artistic space.

Rehearsals and preparations, as well as the final performance, will take place in a building in Hildesheim which will be infrastructurally and technically prepared beforehand. Planning, rehearsals, and performance are thought to be a collaborative process of all participants and will be accompanied by a systemic coaching by Stefanie Beckmann.

The participants can arrange the form and quantity of collaboration between them in constant communication and exchange. During the time of the residency, they can plan and produce new works together or incorporate previous fragments and ideas into a collective performance.

During the time of the residency all participants will receive:
. payment of 250€ per week per person
. budget for artistic production
. reimbursement for travel expenses
. workspace and private accommodation in Hildesheim
. catering allowance during the rehearsal time
. technical assistance
. support through systemic coaching by Stefanie Beckmann

Between the 1st of April 2018 and the 27th of May 2018 all participants are asked to spend at least six of the eight weeks in Hildesheim. From the 21st of May to the 27th of May 2018 presence in Hildesheim is mandatory for all artists in residence.


Interested groups and individuals should send the following to apply for participation in the program:
. biography/ies of all artists
. samples or documentation of previous work
. motivational letter – free in form – that explains the applicant/s interest in the program. It is also possible to send in a layout or an idea for a possible contribution to transeuropa fluid.

send to: residency@transeuropa-festival.de

Deadline for applications is the 15th of November 2017 (applicants will receive a response until the 1st of December 2017). If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us as well. We are looking forward to your applications.