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transeuropa fluid

European Festival for Performing Arts May 24th–27th 2018

shows, flows ++ parties all night long

transeuropa fluid is the ninth edition of the transeuropa - European Festival for Performing Arts. It consists of a 4-day-program of performances, installations, media art, parties, concerts, lectures and mediation-formats taking place in Hildesheim, Germany from the 24th to the 27th of May 2018.

For the first time the main artistic program of the festival is produced by artists in residence only. Working collaboratively since the beginning of April, the 17 residents create one consistent performance that will be presented over the four days of the festival.

transeuropa is a collegiate festival which provides many possibilities for young artists on the verge of becoming professionals: to present themselves to an interested audience, to network and organize themselves in order to outline perspectives for a future European art and cultural scene.

transeuropa fluid is not an art-fair but a funpark — a shared, ecstatic and immersive experience.



aua&angst, AUCO, arjya, Mirela Baciak, BBB_, Nina Berg, Chaos Computer Club Hannover, Diakonie Himmelsthür, DJ Faraz, DJ shashka ke, Sarah Ama Duah, Guerilla Architects, Selim Hex, Ika Duchna, Mafalda Miranda Jacinto, Carlotta Jacobi, Ki$hori, Melissa Lacoste, LINNÉA, mifti haram, Shirley Ogolla, PUNANI, Leif Randt, Zeynep Sarıkartal, Christopher Schmidt, Stefanie Schwarzwimmer, Dr. Nishant Shah, SKINNY BLACK BOY, Julia Sokolnicka, Anastasia Sosunova, Britta Thie, virtuellestheater, 2nd*life, 9. Klasse Wahlpflicht Fotografie Albertus-Magnus-Realschule, 8. Klasse Kunst Profilkurs + 11. Klasse KunstLK Gymnasium Himmelsthür


* The transeuropa e. V. is a non-profit association founded in 1993 to support the young performing arts scene in Europe. For this purpose, the transeuropa festival takes place in Hildesheim every three years. transeuropa is one of the biggest collegiate festivals for young European theatre and performance art.

Past festivals: 2015, 2012, 2009, 2006, 2003, 2000, 1997